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Welcome to AccessDeeds !

Inclusivity and accessibility is the mantra of all thriving organizations to better equip themselves for being global leaders in any domain.

AccessDeeds believes and works towards collaborating with such organizations to assist them in building accessible eco-systems by augumenting their growth plans with our expertise in delivering accessibility.

About AccessDeeds

AccessDeeds is a fast growing team of accessibility consultants from Hyderabad, India with a combined experience of 10+ years in delivering accessible solutions for document and web accessibility. We promote accessibility for success of business by being inclusive and progressive both in thought and action.

Accessible Websites

We undertake projects for developing applications, remediating existing applications, auditing of applications for compliance with WCAG Guidelines, Section 508.


Expertise in handling epub generation using Jutoh, Tobi and Indesign. Active contributors of Epub content to Sugamya Pusthakalaya and Bookshare for the last 3 years.


Our team is well equipped to handle development, remediation of documents (Word, PDF, PPT) for accessibility compliance and hence reaching a wider audience.

We are Partners With


Daisy Forum of India


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Communication Address

LSPC Mansion, Lane Opp Lakshmi SBI Homes,
Mayuri Nagar, Miyapur, Hyderabad

Email Addresses,


+91 810-699-0007